Today I had the opportunity to present a topic that has been on my mind for some time. As IT professionals we are always telling our users to use strong passwords, to be careful of all your online dealings, don’t do this, don’t do that…blah blah blah….

But why do we have to repeat ourselves? I’m thinking that perhaps we need to help people understand why information has value, just like we intuitively know the value of our credit cards or more tangible belongings. Once people understand the value of information, protecting it becomes second nature. Just like your ATM PIN number!

Below is a recording of the presentation and various links to the resources used.

I hope you find it useful, and I appreciate any comments you may have.


The PREZI Presentation:

Google’s Transparency Report:
The Digital Beyond:
Whose Stealing Your Data?
Mindful Security (links to the norton infosec videos):
On Guard On Line: