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I’m an IT professional and full stack web developer who implements web technology solutions that enable almost 90 of Australia’s top ASX listed and Financial Services companies meet their Governance, Compliance and Risk obligations.

Simply, I make stuff for the web.

With almost 20 years worth of online and communications development experience in a number of countries, I’m looking to move more into a developer evangelism role.

I enjoy tinkering with new technologies and building sites from them so that I can use them to their fullest once they are stable.


I’ve worked on wide raging projects that encompass telephony systems, cloud migrations & hosting and developing a system to allow site administrators of a closed CMS system to easily share content between over 80 sites.


I’m based in Australia, with strong links to Thailand (both family and family business). But seriously - on the Internet who cares?


Like any web developer worth their salt, I have quite an extensive range of knowledge in all things Internet related, but the technologies I tend to gravitate toward when developing include (but are most definitely not limited to):

  • The Agavi enterprise grade PHP application framework
  • PostgreSQL (preferred), YQL, MySQL
  • PHP, JavaScript (node, jQuery, YUI), Python
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Apache web server
  • Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine
  • Asterisk (open PBX server)
  • Git, Phing, SVN
  • I also have proficiencies and familiarity with a whole swag of acronyms - if you want to know, just ask!


Please feel free to email me: developer@yrucalling.me

Or send a postcard to:
PO BOX 1183